Current Grant Recipients

These projects have been selected by our independent Grant Review Panel, comprised of community members and business leaders, as those that will have the greatest impact in serving uninsured or underinsured women in our service area. Please note that Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is not a direct service provider.

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation – Impact of Wellness Beyond Breast Cancer Workshops
Brochure: Wellness Beyond Breast Cancer Brochure 2013
Schedule: Marshfield Clinic Wellness Beyond Breast Cancer Schedule 2014-2015

In its sixth year, this holistic wellness program is designed to help women regain physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual strength after undergoing breast cancer treatment. Through workshops held in different locations, survivors and their guests are welcomed to share their stories and participate in conversations regarding healthy living and survivorship. The 2014-2015 grant dollars will assist in adding an additional location enhancing the program from 2 workshops to 3. Registration is required and limited space is available.

What topics will be discussed during the one day workshop?

• Get Back to Wellness – Tools for Healthy Survivorship Common physical impacts of cancer treatments will be reviewed and tips for dealing with body image adjustments will be explored.

• Vitamins and Supplements – What you Need to Know Learn about the ever growing number of vitamins and nutritional supplements available over the counter, bone health and how to be a wise consumer.

• Movement for Wellbeing Here you will learn about the healing power of movement and how to make exercise a safe and fun part of your life going forward.

• Nutrition Beyond Cancer (Lunch/Cooking Demonstration) Learn the latest about the importance of a healthy diet in your recovery. How it can help you feel better and stay stronger, both physically and emotionally.

• Emotional Health – Stress Management and Resilience Training Discover exciting new research tested mind-body activities to lower stress, improve sleep and increase positive emotions.

• Living with a Healthy Spirit Explore tips to promote gentle care of the spirit as a vital part of wellness.

To enroll or get more information including dates and times of an upcoming program:

Mindy Gribble, R.N. WINGS Cancer Survivorship Program Coordinator for Marshfield Clinic Marshfield Center at 1-800-782-8581, ext. 1-7687.

Counties served:  Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Portage, Taylor, Wood and a portion of West Shawano County

Aspirus Women’s Health Breast Screening and Diagnostic Program
Tel: 715-847-2121

In its seventh year, the Aspirus Women’s Health program continues to improve their free screening and treatment program. In the 2013-2014 grant year, 280 women were qualified for the program and received free screening and/or diagnostic services. Within those 280 women, 12 were diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Aspirus Women’s Health saves lives by providing access to services for Survivors who are low income, uninsured or underinsured.  Those that qualify can receive a screening mammogram and/or an appointment with their provider for a breast history/exam at no charge to them. These services can be received during any normal business hours at any Aspirus site within the 7-county Susan G. Komen Central Wisconsin Affiliate service area. The 2014-2015 grant funds will help enhance the program as Aspirus has added MRI Diagnostic Mammogram and MRI biopsy to the available services. They have also added Genetic counseling and genetic testing to the services covered. Men will also be qualified and covered in 2014-2015.

2014/2015 program overview:

To qualify, women can call the Aspirus Information Center at 715.847.2380 or 800.847.4707. Participants may qualify if their out-of-pocket expenses would cause them to forego receiving these services.  Those who have health insurance can qualify for the program.

Those that qualify can receive: *New this year

  • Breast exam
  • Education
  • Screening mammogram
  • Diagnostic mammogram
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI*
  • Biopsy
  • Genetic counseling*
  • Genetic testing*
  • Patient navigation
  • Transportation assistance to appointments
  • Men needing diagnostic breast services can qualify*
  • The patient incurs no cost for the services. All costs for the services are paid from grant funds. These services are available to qualified women until March 31, 2015 (or if the grant funds are exhausted before that date).
  • The free services offered through this program are available at all Aspirus hospitals and clinics (and Surgical Associates) in the 7 county areas served by the Central Wisconsin Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Not covered by the grant are: Breast surgery or breast cancer treatment

More information is available at
Counties served:  Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Portage, Taylor, Wood and a portion of West Shawano County

Marathon County Health Department – Access to Breast Health Care-Marathon County

Tel: 715-261-1900

In its third year, the Marathon County Health Department has had success in bringing competing healthcare partners and community partners together over the past two years through the development of the Breast Health Coalition. Partner members of the Breast Health Coalition include Eastside Parishes, Marshfield Clinic, Ministry Medical Group, American Cancer Society, Bridge Community Health Clinic, Aspirus Women’s Health, and the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation.  Members have collaboratively created a large scale project entitled “Breast Cancer Treatment Fund of Central Wisconsin” (BCTFCW).

The mission of the BCTFCW is to provide financial assistance to women going through breast cancer treatment in Marathon and Lincoln Counties.

The Advisory Board for the BCTFCW are proud to announce that they are now accepting applications for women located in Marathon and Lincoln counties who are either in active treatment or one year post treatment and are seeking financial assistance, up to a maximum of $2,500.00.

The Advisory Board’s goal will be to see a reduction in the financial barriers for women accessing treatment, an increase in resources provided to women, and an increase in patient care coordination between participants, healthcare systems and the WI Well Woman Program.

For more information on eligibility, please contact BCTFCW Coordinator, Mandy Myszka at or by phone at 715-261-1927.

Counties served: Marathon, Lincoln